Cost Effective Chair Shaped Bathtub for Your

  Bathtub Lid

 You can put a cup or a book on the bathtub lid while bathing
 The lid is collapsible and its width fits perfectly on the bathtub

 Slip-resistant end cap (developed by Bellybath)

  Slip-Resistant Pads Under the Product

 In case the bathroom surface is not flat or slippery, Bellybath has slip-resistant pads in all directions under the product.

  Spare Parts Hanger Under the Sit

 Lift or lay down the bathtub to view the hanger
 The followings are included: ① Shower hose connector ② Extra stopper ③ Drainage connector
 Pull out the spare parts hanger after unscrewing the fly nut slightly. Put back to its original state and tighten the fly nut after use.

  Shower Hose Connector

  When you want to use your Bellybath bathtub in your room or veranda, replace the shower head with the shower hose connector to supply hot water outside the bathroom.

  You can use the shower hose connector and a longer hose to water the garden, clean the yard, or wash your car in your garage. (Head office development item)

  Drainage Connector

  To supply hot water outside the bathroom, connect the bathroom drain and the shower hose with the drainage connector.

  Put the shower hose connector on the bathroom floor after lower-body bathing to drain water. Most of the water in the bathtub will be drained by the water pressure. (Head office development item)

 Connect the hose to the drainage to protect the bathroom floor from getting wet.

  Safe and Sturdy, Made from Polyethylene

  Polyethylene is approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a harmless material for the human body. It is processed into food containers, food wrap, and sanitary bags in daily life.

  Bellybath is a bathtub made of polyethylene which is safe, sturdy, and thermokeeping.

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