The Best Lower-Body Bathtub, Bellybath

1.Easy to Use

  Neither rectangular nor trapezoidal

 Designed for a long time lower-body bath

 Designed to support your weight with hip and thigh areas

2.Conveniently Compact

 100×53×61 cm (length × width × height)
 Sitting bathtub takes less space than regular bathtubs
 Suitable for urban residential environments
 Big inner space that allows both tall and short people

3. Also Good for a Foot Bath

  A bathtub for both lower-body bathing and foot bathing
 25 liters for a foot bath, and 80~90 liters for a lower-body bath
 The amount of water needed for a lower-body bath could vary depending on your body mass (around 40 liters)

4. Chair-Shaped Unique Bathtub for Lower-Body Bathing

 Not every bathtub has to be long and rectangular: take a lower-body bath like sitting on a chair.
 Save water and money with a compact bathtub
 2 color options: both silver white and pastel pink fit very well in any bathroom
 Easy to carry (12kg), endures heavy weight up to 100kg or more
 Looks tiny, but even tall people (around 185cm) can sit comfortably in it

5.A Strength and a Weakness: A Side Drainage and Water Residue

 Bellybath has a drainage at the side to keep the product's height lower. Because of it, Bellybath may contain some water residue (around 8cc) after you drain water from it..
 You must lift the front part of Bellybath while draining or wipe the inner area with a towel to completely drain the product.

6.Portable, Sturdy, Thermokeeping, and Convenient

 A bathtub you can fit in your room
 Sturdy and semi-permanent
 Made of polyethylene which is safe and thermokeeping
 Includes a stopper, spare parts hangers, and a connector: convenient to use

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