The Most Popular Lower-Body Bathing, Bellybat

  The Most Popular Lower-Body Bathing, Bellybath

Most apartments and houses include a bathtub within their bathroom these days, but people rarely use it for many reasons. It takes a lot of water to fill in, and water cools down too fast in a bathtub. Also, it takes a lot of effort to keep it clean. Some residents choose to take the bathtub out of their bathroom when they remodel their house to make their bathroom wider. Common bathtubs are designed for taking a full bath while you sit on its bottom surface. Those are not suitable for lower-body bathing where you must sit up straight. Bellybath only takes half the space of regular bathtubs so it can be installed easily within bathrooms belonging to a house, pension, or motel. Bellybath is loved by many users as a portable bathtub designed specifically for lower-body bathing.

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