Full-Body Bathing and Lower-Body Bathing

  Full Bath for a Short Time, Lower-Body Bath for a Long Time

Full Bath for a Short Time, Lower-Body Bath for a Long Time

When you soak your body into hot water, heat emitted by high temperature water will spread fast into your whole body, and you will experience the pleasure and benefits of full bathing. However, taking a bath in hot water over 40℃ is not an easy thing to do, even for 5~6 minutes. When your upper and lower body receive an equal amount of heat simultaneously, the upper body which was already hotter than the lower body will start feeling tired and suffocating. If your body is too hot, it could cause difficulty in breathing and develop an abnormal heartbeat, which would exhaust your heart. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bath in moderate temperatures. Still, no matter what temperature water is, it is not a good idea to put too much water pressure on your whole body. When you take a full bath, it applies more pressure on your heart than you may think. People with cardiovascular disorders need to be aware of. Likewise, it is recommended to walk into a low-level water pool while you take hydrotherapy. Therefore, you must take a full bath only for a short amount of time to avoid high temperature and water pressure. In contrast, you do not have to worry about water pressure on your heart or interruption in blood circulation while taking a lower-body bath. Also, lower-body bathing warms up your lower body first and gradually heats up your upper body while you sweat, balancing out your overall body temperature. Therefore, you can take a lower-body bath as long as 20 minutes or more.

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