Lower-Body Bathing and Sweating

  Lower-Body Bathing That Warms up Your Lower Body and Lets Your Upper Body Sweat and Cool Down

When you take a lower-boty bath, it stimulates your blood circulation and raises your body temperature. To cool down your body temperature, your upper body will start sweating a lot. Since 99% of sweat is made of H2O (water), it is recommended to drink water while you are bathing or after you have taken a bath. Sweating while you exercise is good for your health, but if you do not have enough time to exercise, you should take a lower-body bath to sweat and relax. Your sweat from lower-body bathing tends to have less minerals and electrolytes (such as Na, Cl, etc.) which means bathing and sweating is good for your body as much as exercising and sweating.

  Lower-Body Bathing That Cleanses Deep Through Your Skin 

Many people just take a shower even though they have a bathtub in their bathroom. However, taking a shower only cleanses dusts and oils on your skin. Lower-body bathing is better than just taking a shower for many reasons. It helps your blood circulation, warms your body, and allows your body to sweat a lot.

If you sweat enough, it helps you relax your body, release your stress, discharge waste and toxin from your body, and speed up your skin regeneration. Many Korean celebrities enjoy lower-body bathing before they go to sleep. The secret of their flawless skin, even without a full makeup, is to take lower-body bath daily. Lower-body bathing keeps your body clean, warms your body to improve your immune system, helps you discharge your body wastes, and nourishes your skin.

  Lower-Body Bathing Helps You Release Stress and Sleep Well in the Night

People today live in rapid changes and great competition, burdened with too much stress in daily life. In severe cases, people experience losing a job, business failure, or even losing a loved one like family. When people are under tremendous stress, they experience hair loss, indigestion, constipation, and feeling of cold. Moreover, 1 out of 3 adults today suffer insomnia due to stress. Everyone has their own way of releasing stress such as drinking, smoking, listening to music, meditating, or doing yoga. Among all, exercising until you sweat a lot is one of the healthiest ways.

 Just like tears coming out from your eyes will relieve your stress, you will feel much better after sweating a lot getting rid of body waste. Lower-body bathing is the second-best way to make your body sweat when you are too busy to exercise.

It will relieve your stress, ease your mind, and help you sleep well in the night. It will also prevent you from suffering nocturia. Nocturia means the abnormally excessive urination during the night caused by bladder disease and eating behavior, and it is easily found from people in their 30~40s. People who suffered from nocturia commented that their condition has improved after using Bellybath. They said lower-body bathing helps relax their body and sleep well in the night, and it even works better than taking sleeping pills. Lower-body bathing is a healthier and more natural way to induce sleep.


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