Lower-Body Bathing and the Body Temperature

Lower-Body Bathing and the Body Temperature

  Lower-Body Bathing Raises Your Body       Temperature by 1℃

On average, a healthy person's body temperature ranges between 36.5~37℃. However, people in modern days have trouble with blood circulation due to stress and lack of exercise, and some of their body temperature could drop near 35℃. Interruption in blood circulation and hypothermia often cause obesity, rough skin condition, constipation, and atopic diseases. Moreover, it leads up to lack of immunity which would ultimately cause influenza, inflammation, and even a tumor. According to Masashi Saito, M.D. from Japan, your immunity is weakened by 30 percent when your temperature goes down by 1℃. He claims that cancer cells proliferate faster in 35℃ while they slow down in 39℃. That is why hospitals use localized hyperthermia, heating a small area where tumor is, to kill the cancer cells. When your body temperature stays low for a long time, your immune system cannot fight off illnesses effectively. In contrast, when your body maintains a high enough temperature, it strengthens your immune system, and improves your blood circulation which helps your body to break down the body fat. Most patients typically lack body temperature while healthy people can maintain their body heat. This is because your immune system tends to raise your body temperature while viruses attack your body. 

  Recover Your Body Temperature and Health Lost from Stress and Lack of Exercise

The best way to maintain your body temperature is to do aerobic exercise and build up muscle. If you either take a bath or do exercise for 30 minutes or more daily, it warms up your body and helps your blood circulation. However, not many people these days can afford doing exercise regularly and eating healthy food. People are always running out of time, getting too much stress from their workplace. What would be the second-best option to take care of yourself? It is to take a lower-body bath daily so you can relax, balance your body temperature, clean your body, and keep your skin young and moist.

  Body Mass (60 Liter or More) × Temperature Increase (1~2℃) × Time = The Amount of Body Fat Burnt: Lower-Body Bathing, the Effective Way of Losing Weight

In many advanced countries, obesity due to lack of exercise and overeating has become a national health problem. Many women who wanted to maintain their slim figure went into excessive dieting, but they lost health along with their weight. In order not to harm their body, people started to exercise more instead of just eating less to lose weight. Still, keeping up with the exercise and moderating the amount of eating are not easy things to continue. For those people who are either too busy or lazy to exercise regularly, lower-body bathing is recommended to help them lose weight. A human's body mass is made of 60~70 kiloliters of water, and heating human body temperature by 1~2℃ means consuming the amount energy needed to raise the temperature of 60~70 kiloliters of water by 1~2℃. Many fitness centers recommend you to take a lower-body bath after exercising because raising body temperature by 1℃ speeds up the metabolism of your body by approximately 15%, increasing the amount of calories consumed.

  Protect yourself from the cold during the summer.

Boost your immune system with lower-body bathing this summer.

When you go back and forth between a boiling hot environment and an air-conditioned one or stay in a very cold environment for a long time, it will negatively affect your body. Your autonomic nervous system and immune system will deteriorate rapidly, and you will suffer from a cold.

To prevent getting a cold, you should keep the AC at an appropriate temperature while you are wearing summer clothes. It is recommended to set your AC just few degrees lower than the outside temperature.

If you feel cold from the AC, then you should take a lower-body bath and sweat a lot to raise your body temperature and recover your immune system.

If you feel very sick, you should go see a doctor immediately. However, if the symptoms are mild, it is a good idea to heal your body by taking a lower-body bath. It will raise your body temperature and recover your immune system.

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